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E+M Brunnenbau und Bohrtechnik GmbH opens new head office

On November 28, 2008, the new location for the head office and production department of the E+M Brunnenbau und Bohrtechnik GmbH has officially been inaugurated.

After the company was founded with approximately 90 employees at the beginning of 2007, it has been possible to achieve a high volume of orders. It has been possible to hire many new employees, so that the company now moves into the new premises in the Hofer Straße 19 in the industrial area Hof-Nord with 120 employees.

In the workshop, which is approx. 180 m long, 70 m wide and 15 m high, new perspectives were created for the production of drilling units, drilling equipment and equipment for water works. The drilling units manufactured by E+M have a hook load (traction force) of 10 to 80to – which is the technically authoritative dimension. Accordingly, the scope of the power spectrum of the devices ranges from geothermal probes for private households (depths of 80 to 100m) to complexly equipped deep drilling units for drillings up to 2,500m.

Also for the sector of well sinking, a considerably improved working basis has been created: on the area, a new high bay racking and a storage area of more than 25.00qm have been provided. As a company which is certified by the DVGW, E+M is a well sinking company of extraordinary reputation which is well known among experts. For decades, the utilisation of the food product water for the public water supply, thermal baths and producers of mineral water has been practiced by the company, both in Germany and in the neighbouring countries.

Now, the location Hof – or better said H₂Of – again has a figurehead in the areas of groundwater development, geothermal energy and the exploration of raw materials. On these interesting markets, E+M has been able to position itself; now the activities at the new location can be further extended. The complete extension, structural alteration and electrical works have been performed by regional companies. In total, more than 7 Mio. € have been invested into the future of the company and into the region.