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E+M Großbohrlochhammer

E+M Brunnenbau und Bohrtechnik GmbH opens new head office

On November 28, 2008, the new location for the head office and production department of the E+M Brunnenbau und Bohrtechnik GmbH has officially been inaugurated.

After the company was founded with approximately 90 employees at the beginning of 2007, it has been possible to achieve a high volume of orders. It has been possible to hire many new employees, so that the company now moves into the ...

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The large drill hole hammer by E+M
E+M Großbohrlochhammer
Since 2005, the E+M Brunnenbau und Bohrtechnik GmbH has been developing the new technology for the large drill hole technique by means of the hammer drilling method.

Areas of application:
In particular, the technology is suitable for solid rock, especially in case of problematic conditions (alternating stratums, fissures, low lying water levels or the like), which require an auxiliary piping , but it is also suitable as overburden drilling system for stratums with boulder, debris, gompholite etc.

In the PDF file which you can download below, you will find a more detailed description of the large drill hole hammer by E+M.

Product data sheet E+M large drill hole hammer
Download: PDF-file (1,46MB) (only in german)