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  Press article Frankenpost 28.07.2011 „drilling for copper“
Press article - Hofer drilling for copper (PDF, 30 KB)

  Press article Frankenpost 4.12.2010 „Low-heat for the Münch-Ferber-Villa“
Press article - Low-heat for the Münch-Ferber-Villa (PDF, 24 KB)

UH 4 – A new generation of E+M drilling units by graduate engineer Christian Etschel
UH 4 – A new generation of E+M drilling units (PDF, 1320 KB)
With drilling workers, it is always the same. They always want drilling devices which are more powerful.
If you ask a drilling master, if he is satisfied with his drilling device, you will get the following answer: „Oh, the drilling device you gave me is good, but it could be a bit more powerful...”

Author: graduate engineer Christian Etschel

bbr professional article 08/07 by graduate engineer Christian Etschel
Drilling equipment technology for special requirements (PDF, 4300 KB)
The accomplishment of tasks related to drilling technology becomes increasingly challenging. Solutions are required which are both economically and technically safe. Due to this, it is necessary that the drilling equipment technology can be specifically adapted to the single cases of application. In addition, the equipment technology has to be able to perform a possibly high number of possible tasks. In the following article, the new developments regarding universal drilling units will be described by means of practical examples.

Author: graduate engineer Christian Etschel

Christian Etschel, graduate engineer, Hof and Maik Schmidt, graduate engineer, Leipzig
The pressure wave-impulse method for the regeneration and development of wells (PDF, 254 K), trade magazine "bbr", April 2001

E+M Bohr-GmbH, Hof
Restoration of a tertiary deep well by lowering the shut-off pipes, trade magazine "bbr", June 97
Sealing in the well sinking sector, trade magazine "bbr", Febr. 95

Dr. Helmut Drost, graduate geologist, Mainz
Trial drillings for the groundwater investigation in the beverage industry, trade magazine "Beverage Industry", March 92
Ensured water catchment, trade magazine " Beverage Industry ", March 91


Moamer Saeed, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, March 97
Preparation and realisation of model tests for the well cleaning by utilising water under high pressure

Maamoun Al-Nassralla, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Oct 96

Treatment and disposal of drilling fluids and dirty water